Returns Made Easy

ShopTurn is an on-demand return service which enables shoppers to return items directly from home. We are currently in beta testing our product in Minneapolis, MN.


What Brick & Mortar Retailers Have Been Waiting For

Returns continue to destroy the customer experience. Traveling long distances, sitting in traffic, paying for gas, finding parking, waiting in frustrating lines, and dealing with inconvenient store hours... shoppers are fed up and have taken their purchases online. We are the solution.

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Seamless and flexible – the way returns should be


1. Scan items

Users scan their item receipt and tag with the ShopTurn mobile app.

2. Pick-up


Driver is sent to user’s location to pick up the items and process the refund immediately.

3. Drop-off


Items are taken to our transfer location to be sorted and delivered to their respective stores.


SO what’s in it for Retailers?

Indirectly Generate Revenue

Convert returns to store credit, allowing retailers to book the sale.

Convert Returns to Exchanges

Consumers can request a different size, which will be mailed directly to them.


Decrease Return Time

Retailers can re-stock and re-sell items more quickly, in-season.


Increase Purchases Per Visit

Encourage consumers to buy a larger quantity of items, more often.


Reduce Return Fraud

Eliminate cash handling and prevent collusion with store employees .


Consumer Analytics

Record item return reasons, and analyze consumer return behavior.


Returns Made Easy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 3.55.31 PM.png